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New members are always welcome, whether they wish to play an active part in the Society's activities or just support the Railway from a distance. In return for your support there are a number of benefits:

  • "The Snowdon Ranger", a quarterly magazine in colour with latest news of the Railway
  • Free travel on the WHR, and an accompanying guest at privilege rate on three separate occasions
  • Privilege rate travel on the Ffestiniog Railway
  • A link to a nationwide community of fellow supporters

 Additionally Life Members get free First Class travel on the WHR.

Subscription Rates

There are several classes of membership and they all carry different subscription rates.

Type Notes Rate
Adult This is the normal class of membership £39
Joint/Family Two adults + two children1 sharing one Snowdon Ranger   £70
Student In full time education2 £25
Junior1   £20
Life   £1,000
Associate Life  Sharing one Snowdon Ranger £800
Notes:  1 - Aged under 18 on 1st March 2017 
  2 - Aged 18 to 25 on 1st March 2017

How to Join

We need your help and support to realise the dream. Please read on.

To join, please fill in the accompanying Membership Form on this website - see the menu above. If you are a UK taxpayer please ensure you complete the Gift Aid declaration on the form as this enables the Society to receive a further contribution equivalent to the tax you'll have paid on your  subscription.

To renew your subscription please use the membership form again to confirm your details and go on to the payment page at the end of the form.

Donations can also be made - check the menu above