Cymdeithas Rheilffordd Eryri is managing the restoration of NG15 Class locomotive №134 back into working order for use on the Welsh Highland Railway. This class of locomotive was built for use on the 2 foot gauge railways in South Africa where they spent all their working life. Upon the dieselisation and then subsequently closure of most of the 2ft lines in South Africa a number of the class were exported for use elsewhere, mainly for use on preserved or tourist railways. Six of the class eventually ended up in the UK with two coming into the possession of the Ffestiniog Railway.

NG134 WarwickFalconer

NG15 №134 at work in South Africa (Photo with kind permission of Warwick Falconer)

These two NG15 class locomotives, №s 133 & 134, were considered ideal for use on the then nascent Welsh Highland Railway. Both were duly inspected in the early days of the railways restoration and it was decided that the latter of the two was in the better condition and so became the subject for restoration to working order.

Several starts at the restoration had taken place in the past, mainly at times whilst either planning permission or funding was awaited to enable the Welsh Highland Railway's reconstruction to continue. Once the railway was broadly complete, however, well at least the track was down between Caernarfon and Porthmadog, and with the Ffestiniog Railway Trust's permission as owners of the Loco this latest restoration phase duly got underway towards the end of 2008. This time the restoration work really started in earnest and the Society chose the restoration as its targeted funding project for that year. This enabled sufficient funds to be generated to cover much of the cost of the early and subsequent work.

A separate website was set up to document the restoration and so full details of the work being done can be followed there: Alternatively click on the 'cab plate' below: 

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Sales and donations in support of the project

We have a number of attractive items related to the project which are available to purchase.  All profits from sales go to the NG15 restoration fund. You can also make a donation direct to the fund.  Follow this link for further details