What does the Society do?

The Society plays an important role in supporting the railway and is involved with it in many ways.

Sponsorship. The Society is sponsoring a variety projects on behalf of the railway, providing both funding and volunteer labour as required.

Gwyrfai - the new observation car for the WHR. The Society is committed to raising the funds to build this new car as a counterpart for the greatly admired observation car Glaslyn.  In the past the Society has funded the building of several other new carriages to enhance the Railway's carriage fleet, notably the recently completed carriage no 2047.

Restoration projects. Groups within the Society undertake restoration projects such as K1,  the prototype Garratt locomotive, and the NG-15 locomotive

Volunteer work groups. Society members undertake many tasks on the railway such as tracklaying and repair,  care of stations and gardens, maintaining the wagon fleet and so on.

Organising events.  The Society plays a major part in organising special events on the Railway. The annual Rail Ale festival is one of the most popular events of the year.  The SuperPower weekend gives a great opportunity each year to celebrate some aspect of the railway and its connections. Other special occasions where the society assists include the Family Fun/Classic car day, and the Halloween and Santa trains. 

Other activities.  Society members support the railway in numerous other ways. Some work on the trains as footplate crew, guards or volunteer buffet staff. Many minor tasks around the railway are undertaken on a day to day basis such as fencing, provision and repair of signs, maintenance jobs on buildings, furniture or equipment etc. 


Can you help?

The Society depends entirely on the effort and the skills of its volunteers. If there's something above that interests you or you think you could have some skills that would be of benefit  please get in touch - contact details are given on the Society's main pages and in the various Project or Group sections. It's not all physical work either, or work that requires you to be at the railway, as there are often people working on parts of a project as homework tasks or helping out with fundraising or, like your webmasters here, by providing help from the comfort of their (computer) chairs.The Volunteering pages give more details of the help given in the day to day running of the railway, however much more goes on behind the scenes than at first meets the eye.

News items

If you have any news or information about Society activities that you'd like to share with other Society members and with the wider world, then please let us know and we'll publish it in the relevant section here.

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