Dafydd Thomas.    
Chairman - appointed for 12 months.
Liaison with Ff Rly Trust, Ff Rly Company, Ff Rly Society, WHR Construction Co. their chairmen & officers.
Represent Society in Welsh Highland Railways Association 
Archives: (Archivist: Gareth H Williams)                                                
The Snowdon Ranger: (Editor: )
Volunteers (non-operational): (Volunteer Co-ordinator: Tony Baker)
Charles McKenzie
Deputy Chairman - appointed for 12 months.
Statutory obligations of registered charity – liaison with Charity Commission.
Finance director
K1: (Project Engineer: John Startin)
Society Business Plan 
Membership:    (Membership & renewals secretary: Rob Merrick)
Elwyn Jones
The Snowdon Ranger advertising
Volunteer accommodation list
Real Ale Festival – organising Committee Chairman
Press and local relations
Neil McMaster

Area Groups:(liaison with the Groups’ chairmen)
Adopt a station.
Expenditure regulator NG15 Project

Peter Randall
NG15 project
Website: (Website administrator: Laurence Armstrong)

David Firth.
Events committee chairman

Alun Tomlinson.
Volunteers (operational): (Volunteer Co-ordinator: Tony Baker)
Youth Training


Alastair Wilkinson 
Company Secretary: 
Annual return
Administration from registered office
Data Protection

Ian King
Finance & tax claims