Parry People Movers

The Parry People Mover is an innovative design of low-energy railcar or tram, which has already found a number of applications, and has seen trials on WHR (Caernarfon). The PPM is powered by a large flywheel underneath the vehicle, which is revved up by an external power source at intervals. On lines designed solely for these vehicles, electrical power is supplied at station stops, which then enables the PPM to run between charges on flywheel power alone. On other lines, the PPM is fitted with a low-horsepower LPG engine which charges the flywheel as required.

Parry People Movers have been tested on a number of Welsh narrow gauge railways, including the Ffestiniog and WHR (Caernarfon). The Parry test vehicle was demonstrated on these lines in 1997 and 1998 respectively, and for most of 1999 WHR (Caernarfon) played host to the brand-new PPM illustrated above (no. 11), the prototype for a fleet of such vehicles intended for a proposed new line at Llandudno. Its type is designated by the manufacturers as the PPM 30 Streetcar, the 30 indicating combined seated and standing passenger capacity.

Having finally received HMRI approval for passenger use on WHR (Caernarfon), no. 11 was used briefly in service at the very end of the 1999 season, but unfortunately suffered a mechanical breakdown and as a result was returned to the manufacturer for this to be put right; it has not returned to the railway.

The photo below shows an earlier PPM (of rather different appearance) giving demonstration rides at Welshpool (Raven Square) on the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway in September 1994.

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Authored by Ben Fisher; last updated January 26th, 2003