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This page shows the graphics available to make up a WHR desktop train. All are by Aidan Stell, apart from Funkey diesel Castell Caernarfon (John Cordrey), Conway Castle (drawn by John Cordrey, painted by John Savage), the buffet, lavatory and Pullman carriages (John Savage), Millennium's Edison livery (repaint by John Cordrey), Dolgarrog, carriages 24 and 1001, the toolvan, and various repaints (Bruce Brayne), and the third (open-ended) version of the "Forth Bridge" tracklaying gantry has been tweaked by your webmaster.

To tell what each graphic represents, move your mouse pointer over it.


1. Already used on WHR (Caernarfon) services and construction


2. For the future (or possibly!)


3. Locos which have visited WHR (Caernarfon)


4. WHR (Porthmadog) Locomotives and Stock



1. Existing types


2. Additional possible future types


Goods and Construction Stock

All these are already on the Railway.



1. NWNGR period

2. WHR period (not all liveries match)


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Authored by Ben Fisher; last updated June 16th, 2003