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1910 image of K1 assembled at Zeehan in Western Tasmania, the official TGR photo

The Project:

The K1 group are responsible for the general upkeep of the locomotive. They look after winter maintenance and any improvements to its operation.

The Original Garratt - Maintenance and Support

K1 has its place in history as it was the pioneer of this type of articulated locomotive, to become known as the 'Garratt'. Two locomotives were built by Beyer Peacocks for the North-East Dundas Tramway in Tasmania, in 1909 and these were designated K1 and K2. They proved the worthiness of this type of articulated locomotive for use on the narrow gauge with tight curves and steep gradients. Further designs for railways of all gauges worldwide followed to ensure that the Garratt became one of the most successful types of articulation for steam traction.

Both locomotives eventually fell out of use but neither were scrapped at that time. Instead their unique nature was appreciated and so K1 (with K2's boiler and a few other parts) was offered to Bayer Peacocks for preservation. On the closure of Beyer Peacocks the Loco was acquired by the Ffestiniog Railway and subsequently put on display at the National Railway Museum in York.

With the prospect of the reopening of the Welsh Highland Railway becoming more likely an opportunity was seen to restore and use the loco when that line opened.

The K1 group was set up with the intention of being responsible for its restoration to working order. This was started at Tyseley near Birmingham, and later moved to Boston Lodge on the Ffestiniog Railway before finally arriving at the WHR in 2004.

The group then helped in finalising the Loco for revenue earning service that commenced three years later in October 2007. This involved numerous trials to remove the last few snags such as that with lubrication. Now in regular service the K1 group has moved responsibility to caring for its general well-being and upkeep, although the company looks after day to day maintenance whilst on revenue earning services.

Much more detail is available about the locomotive and its restoration and this can be found on the WHR Projects pages. The links to the left will direct you there.

If you are interested in becoming more familiar with the locomotive then please consider  joining the K1 Group where you'll be made very welcome and more so when helping out at working parties - full details are available on the Group's details page.

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